Company Overview


We are help you to grow your business

Kabera Technologies is a global information technology (IT) services company providing IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services.Using our enhanced global delivery model, innovative software platforming approach and industry expertise, we provide high-value IT services that enable our clients to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Kabera is an enterprise software provider and strategic technology partner for more than 90,000 organizations worldwide. Our software is purpose-built for specific industries, providing complete suites that are designed to support progress – for individuals, for businesses, and across networks. We believe in the beauty of work, the importance of relationships, and the power of ideas to drive significant positive change.

Kabera Technologies is committed to finding the best and brightest talent and giving them the support they need to succeed to help our customers revolutionize their business.

Our smart approach

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

Work fewer hours - and make more money

Attract and retain quality, high customers

Manage your time so get more done in less time

Hone sharp leadership skills to manage

Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

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A Global Organization

In regions around the world, we build awareness of the relevance and impact of our approach to expanding educational opportunity among promising social entrepreneurs and potential supporters and collaborators. We work with emerging entrepreneurs as they deepen their understanding of the problem of educational inequity in their contexts and consider how Teach For All partners shared approach will address it.We help these potential partners understand the network’s Unifying Principles, develop strategic clarity, and build support in their countries.

Once partners have joined the network, Teach For All works to ensure that they can grow sustainably, that their students and participants are achieving and learning, and that they’re cultivating the individual and collective leadership of their alumni. Teach For All provides partners with ongoing support in the areas of strategic clarity and organizational development, recruitment, participant and alumni impact, and garnering public and private sector support. We strive to build a strong, impact-driven network that is grounded in our shared Core Values.